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Top Instagrammable Places in Mankato

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Mankato, Minnesota is home to spectacular natural beauty and awe-inspiring man-made attractions. What better way to share your experiences than through Instagram! So get your filters ready and let your eye be your guide. Here are the top 10 most Instagrammable spots in Mankato!

Minneopa State Park1. Minneopa Falls
This beloved attraction right outside City Center Mankato is a perfect location for Instagrammers who love nature scenery photos. It’s easy to capture great portraits with a unique background here or to do a time-lapse of the rushing water to add a dreamy effect. Notice the different angles and views at each point along the upper and lower path to capture the beautiful falls and bridge in a variety of ways.



Minnemishinona Falls - Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Mankato2. Minnemishinona Falls
A hidden backyard gem along the Minnesota River Valley National Scenic Byway at the end of Judson Bottom Road, the 42-foot cascading falls can be accessed from a bridge. Try visiting the falls the day or two after a rain storm and you’ll catch them rapidly flowing. Not only can the beautiful waterfall be the focal point of your photo, but the red bridge also provides a unique photo opportunity.



Devil's Gulch - Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Mankato3. Devils Gulch
Wind your way through carved passages of Devil’s Gulch, thick with lush, grass-green moss. Set back from the Blue Earth River, this ravine is one of the more unique, natural places in the area.




CityArt Walking Sculpture Stroll4. CityArt Walking Sculpture Tour
Try out your flexibility mimicking human impression sculptures like “Endless Summer” or “Woman in the Wind.” Interacting with pieces of art like these sculptures can add urban interest to your photos. Notice the array of unique textures and materials used to construct each sculpture that will look great in close-ups.



Red Jacket Trail Trestle Bridge - Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Mankato5. Red Jacket Trail Trestle Bridge
This antique 475-foot train bridge is located at Red Jacket Park along the Red Jacket Trail just outside of Mankato. The crisscrossed structure makes it great for backgrounds and for detailed close-ups. Take note of the gorgeous autumn colors in the fall along the Le Sueur River or the wildflowers around the area in spring and summer.



Bellissimo Mural - Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Mankato6. All For One Mural
Vibrant colors and funky designs on this mural make it a perfect location to do an artsy photo shoot. Because of its size and detail, the mural makes an interesting background or focal point in photos. No two photos will be the same when you incorporate the colors and intricate patterns within the mural.



Rasmussen Woods - Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Mankato7. Rasmussen Woods
A wonderful little escape to the forest within the city limits of Mankato. Rasmussen woods is made up of multiple walking paths through the forest and a marshland boardwalk. Notice on the boardwalk through the marsh the different types of aquatic plants and wildlife.



Williams Nature Center - Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Mankato8. Williams Nature Center
Just a short drive out of Mankato consisting of 1.5 miles of paved trail and two outlooks this nature center is great for all season’s outdoor shots. The thick canopy of trees is charming year-round.  Notice the gnarly trees and large boulders scattered around left from the ice age!



Lookout Drive - Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Mankato9. Lookout Drive Look Out
For a scenic overlooking view of Mankato head across the river into North Mankato on Lookout Drive. This look out offers a bird’s eye view of the Minnesota river valley and the City of Mankato. From this view, you can just about see the leaves changing from spring to summer and into fall.



Sibley Park - Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Mankato10. Sibley Park
With the Blue Earth River rushing past, multiple grassy hills and wooded areas Sibley Park offers a perfect outdoor photo opportunity so close to town. The park has tons of flowers and greenery to capture along with a petting zoo filled with cute creatures. On top of the park is a scenic view of the Blue Earth River and Minnesota Rivers. This view is gorgeous all times of the day however, during the sunset its views become particularly stunning.


Wings of Whimsy Mankato Moms Blog11. Wings of Whimsy
Spread your wings right in the heart of Old Town Mankato and take a stroll along Riverfront Drive and try on your new set of wings at the #WingsofWhimsy mural next to Whimsy & Weathered.


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These are just a few of the top Instagrammable-worthy locations in Greater Mankato. Get more ideas by downloading our travel guides, including the Mankato Visitor Guide.