silo art

Guido van Helten

Photography: Sara Hughes TRCA Mankato

Silo Art, Mankato 2020

Video: Sara Hughes TRCA Mankato

Guido van Helton
Photography: Sara Hughes TRCA Mankato


Come and see the extraordinary work of Guido van Helton come to life right before your eyes as he transforms Arden Mill’s 135-foot grain silos into an incredible masterpiece symbolizing southern Minnesota’s culture and heritage. Visitors and residents of Greater Mankato now have the opportunity to witness the progression of the massive monument with two designated viewing areas to see the artist at work. 

Since 2011, the CityArt Committee has been strategizing ways to incorporate artwork onto the Ardent Mills grain silos; the largest structures in the City Center located at the gateway of Old Town and seen from several vantage points across the Minnesota River and along Hwy 169 and Hwy 14. Adding artwork to the 135-foot-tall silos will build on the momentum that Mankato is the “artsiest town in Southern Minnesota”; a creative community that passersby are compelled to stop and experience.


About the Artist
Guido van Helten is an internationally recognized artist creating contemporary street art throughout the world which is underpinned by his exploration of community and identity generated through photography and large-scale mural installations. Born in Canberra and growing up in inner city Melbourne, Australia, the artist was influenced at a young age by traditional graffiti movements, leading to an introduction to aerosol at a young age. After graduating with a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Printmaking at Southern Cross University, Guido began the development of his contemporary work, now closely aligned with the movement of large-scale muralism across the world.

Watch the Silo Art Come to Life

Guido van Helten has traveled to the heart of Southern Minnesota to help tell the story of the Greater Mankato community encompassing its rich heritage, a thriving present and a future of unlimited potential. The Arden Mills Grain Silos, the largest structure in the Mankato City Center, is being transformed (on both sides) into a massive canvas by internationally recognized, artist Guido Van Helten.  Please Note: There is no guarantee to witness the artist at work.  

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