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Chronology of the 1862 War

Dakota Chronology

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Chronology of the 1862 War

Chronology taken from The U.S. Dakota Conflict of 1862: A Self-Guided Tour

August 17 – Five settlers at Acton in Meeker County killed by four young Dakota hunters on a dare.

August 18 – The conflict begins at the Lower Sioux Agency.  Ambush at Redwood Ferry.

August 19 – First attack on New Ulm.  Sibley appointed to command volunteer troops.

August 20 – First attack on Fort Ridgely.

August 22 – Second, main attack on Fort Ridgely.

August 23 – Second attack on New Ulm.

September 2 – Battle of Birch Coulee.

September 3 – Skirmish at Acton and attack on Fort Abercrombie.

September 4 – Attacks on Forest City and Hutchinson.

September 6 – Second attack on Fort Abercrombie.

September 23 – Battle of Wood Lake.

September 26 – Surrender of captives at Camp Release.

September 28 – Military commission appointed to try Indian participants.

December 26 – Thirty-eight Dakota executed by hanging at Mankato.  Martial law declared. Liquor banned within 15 miles. Snow lies on the ground. Temperature hovers at 15 degrees F. The gallows are surrounded by 1,400 infantry. Crowds of excited settlers arrive from all over the countryside for the spectacle. Mounted Scout William Daly, who lost three children in the conflict, severs the rope. The bodies of the 38 are buried in a common grave, then dug up on the same night by area doctors and taken away for anatomy studies.