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Did you know?

An effort is currently underway to extend the ½ cent local option sales tax that is already in place. The effort is not to increase the sales tax is it currently exists but to simply extend the number of years it will be in effect. Dollars generated from this would go towards the following:

  • Renovations to existing regional recreation facilities (Franklin Rogers [360° virtual tour] More Mankato icon, Tourtellotte, etc)
  • Flood control
  • Public Safety Communications
  • Water Quality Improvements
  • Transportation
  • New regional recreation and sports facilities

Through the efforts of Greater Mankato Growth and the current local option sales tax, the community has become a regional hub for economic and tourist activity and growth.

There has been much discussion within the community about the wants and needs, which has also led to quite a bit of misinformation being spread about what will be built. At this time there is no definitive plan or plans in place that detail exactly what will be built, where it will be built or who partnerships may be established with to make this all happen. At this stage of the game there are ideas that have been looked at and discussed by our Technical Advisory Team and Steering Committee. More details can be found in the  Greater Mankato Regional Recreation Facilities Assessment Overview & Recommendations report.

Regional sports facility approval process:

1st base: Initial City Council approval for sales tax extension
2nd base: State level approval for sales tax extension (March – May 2016)
3rd base: Back to City Council with project ideas/plans for approval
Home: Voters approving the referendum at election (projected November 2016)

We can’t get to 3rd without touching 2nd and definitely can’t get the run across the plate without touching them all!

Contact us if….

If you are in a leadership role or a representative of a potential user group of new recreational facilities, please be sure we have your contact information for future communications pertaining to these efforts. We want to make sure your voice is heard.  Go>

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