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Let the experienced staff of Visit Mankato help you find the perfect venue for your next tournament or sporting event. Mankato offers the most outstanding and easily accessible venues and facilities for youth and amateur sporting events in Southern Minnesota and some of the best in the Midwest. Mankato is located 75 minutes south of Minneapolis in a scenic river valley.

One phone call or email can get you set up with free services that will save you valuable time so you will have more time to enjoy the event you’ve worked so hard to organize.

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  • Sports Venue Guide

    Sports Venue GuideVisit Mankato offers a comprehensive, free Sports Venue Guide. The Sports Venue Guide provides helpful information including venue and facility specifications and event services provided by Visit Mankato.

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  • Event Planning Services

    The Visit Mankato sports management team has a successful track record in hosting major sporting events and tournaments. We strive to ensure a hassle-free event by providing a variety of services including bidding assistance for venues and accommodations, site inspections, volunteer recruitment and grant programs.

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  • Bidding Assistance

    Your event planning starts with Visit Mankato coordinating and submitting competitive bids from local venues and lodging facilities.

    First provide us with your event specifications. Then we’ll send those specifications to the appropriate hotels and/or venues in greater Mankato. Finally the hotels and/or venues return the bid proposals back to you directly or in a formal bid packet.

    Our Sports Commission Director can also assist in bid presentations to your Board of Directors, Site Committee or General Membership for multiple events.

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  • Shuttle Transportation

    Mankato is just a short 75 minutes from Minneapolis. Just one of our many assets is our accessibility. In addition to it being easy to get around town in Mankato, we are also very accessible by land or air. The Mankato Regional Airport offers chartered flight services and commercial flights are available just a short drive to the Minneapolis-St. Paul international Airport.

    Getting Around

  • Guest Tours & Events

    Let Visit Mankato put together a plan for your teams and families after your tournament or event. We can provide ideas for off-site activities and local events to entertain your event participants and the family and friends that have come along to support them.

    Take time to kick-back and relive the special moments of your events at one of our many local restaurants. Relax in our vibrant downtown with live music. The possibilities are endless.

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  • Visitor Information

    In Minnesota, only Mankato offers enriching cultural encounters such as headliner concerts, theater, music, visual arts and lively entertainment in combination with its vibrant downtown, extensive cycling trails and historic river valley. To top it all off, we are easily accessible and just a short 75 minutes from Minneapolis.

    Visit our Visitor Center or flip through our comprehensive Visitor and Relocation Guide to help you decide how you would like to experience Mankato.

    Visitor Center
    Why Mankato
    Visitor Guide

  • Grant

    Visit Mankato has grant dollars available to tournaments and events that choose Mankato as the host city for their upcoming event. We want to help you offset the costs of planning a large event with our grant program and various free services.

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    For assistance planning your event contact our Sports Commission Director. Go>

  • Facility Site Inspection

    After reviewing the competitive bids, we invite you to visit greater Mankato and experience first-hand our state-of-the-art facilities and hotel properties.  You will also meet with experienced planning staff at the facilities.

    For assistance planning your event contact our Sports Commission Director. Go>