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North Mankato Loop: 10 miles
A combination of trails and low-traffic roads, this is a nice loop around North Mankato that passes close to several parks, shops and opportunities for a snack.  Go>

Mankato Loop: 14 miles
Tour the city of Mankato, passing through the Minnesota River Valley without the steep hill. A great ride on a windy day or anytime you want to stay in town. Ride on mostly off-road trails except in the City Center area with low-traffic streets and on-street bike lanes.  Go>

Sakatah/Madison Lake Loop: 15 miles
Jump on the Sakatah State Trail for as long as you would like.  You can travel from Mankato all the way to Faribault, Minnesota. For a shorter trip stop in Madison Lake for a bite to eat and get your feet wet in the lake.  Take County Road 26 back to Mankato and cruise by other local lakes.  Stop at the public landing on Eagle Lake for a rest or to cool off in the water before heading back to Mankato.  Go>

St. Clair/Eagle Lake Loop: 28 miles
Visit nearby towns Eagle Lake & St. Clair and get a taste of small town charm while dining in or enjoying a picnic at a city park. Follow the Le Sueur River to visit Wildwood Park and take the nature trail across the river on a 140 foot-long swinging-foot bridge. Hike through the wooded river valley and keep an eye out for wildlife.  Go>

North Gravel Ride: 29 miles
Try something different on a gravel ride just north of town. Ride along the bluffs of the Minnesota River toward the prairie land of Kasota. Stop at the Kasota Prairie for a picnic in the park or quick hike through the 45 acre prairie along the Minnesota River and off the beaten path.  Go>

Kasota Prairie/St. Peter Loop: 34 miles
Take a trip to St. Peter to shop or grab a bite to eat and on the way stop at the Kasota Prairie where you will find acres of rolling hills covered in native prairie grass flanked by the Minnesota River.  Go for a hike through the prairie, wetland and along the river. While biking on 3rd Avenue, look for the Kasota Stone Quarry. It may look familiar to baseball fans because 100,000 square feet of it was used in the new Twin’s Stadium at Target Field.  Go>

Red Jacket/Rapidan/Lake Crystal/Minneopa Loop: 34 miles
Our  most popular loop for bikers is the Red Jacket Trail through the Minnesota River Valley to the historic Rapidan Dam.  You’ll find a park near a small diner with award winning pie.  For a longer trip and more river valley to ride up and down follow the Blue Earth River south to Garden City where the view is endless. Grab lunch in Lake Crystal or cool down in one of the lakes.  For a shortcut back, bike through Minneopa State Park where you’ll find a 39 foot waterfall and several hiking trails to explore.  For a longer ride, continue on to Judson Bottom Road along the Minnesota River Valley and stop at Minnemishinona Falls where you’ll see an even taller 42 foot waterfall.  Head back into town following the Minnesota River. Go>

St. Clair, Smith’s Mill, Madison Lake Loop: 35 miles
Get a taste of the vast landscape of the area on this loop through town, country, lakes and river valley. Along the way you can sample wine from a local winery, hike through wildlife management areas or stop in one of the quaint towns for a meal or cold beverage.  Go>

North Lakes Loop: 39 miles
Tour our area lakes on quiet back country roads. Stop at one of the nine lakes you’ll pass to get your feet wet or grab a bite to eat and cool beverage on the water. Extend your trip and visit another lake by taking the North Lakes Loop Extension.  Go>

Map of Suggested Biking Loops (see routes in the Mankato Bike & Hike Guide). Go>

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