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iKNOW Mankato logoIf you want to increase the customer service your front-line staff are providing, you won’t want to miss out on the newest hospitality program in town. It is called iKNOW Mankato and is designed to engage all front-line hospitality staff of Mankato in a fun, experiential education about the destination. The front-line staff of hotels, restaurants and attractions are often times the first contact for visitors and receive the most visitor questions. iKNOW Mankato is designed to provide these front-line staff with the education, experiences and tools they need so that they can accurately and enthusiastically respond to visitor questions.

Two iKNOW Mankato tours will occur each year and each outing will incorporate two components:

1. A beginning point at a local attraction with a short tour/education component with a free meal
2. A bus tour that will highlight relevant seasonal attractions and event venues

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Information about the next iKNOW Mankato tour coming soon!